Welcome to Cattery Ars Britannica*PLPaws of British Chinchilla Silver Shaded Kitten Ars Britannica Cattery

Ars Britannica*PL specialises in varieties of silver, golden and point shaded cats.  Our home cattery was founded in 2010 due to love to The British Shorthair Cats. 

 "In ancient times cats were worshipped as gods; They have not forgotten this." - Terry Pratchett

Icebear Ars Britannica British Shorthair chinchilla silver shaded male with green eyesArs Britannica*PL cats come from the noble bloodlines from all over the Europe. Each cat we introduce in our cattery have been chosen personally, with the special care of an outstanding pedigree, genetic purity, good fenotype features and a great pro-human character.

Black silver chinchilla female in cattery Ars Britannica - Supreme Champion GB*Torridonian Elora DananOur cats are part of our family. They share our everyday activities and live with us as home members. They are very social and friendly - these features provide a healthy beautiful offspring. Our kittens are destined to live as pets in loving families, as well as  to be breeding and show quality cats in the good catteries around the world.

You can find black silver shaded / chinchilla, silver & golden point and blue, lilac, choco and black golden shaded / ticked cats & kittens in our cattery.

Black silver shaded cats [bri ns 11] have black cushions feet and rims arround eyes. They stun with their marvelous smoothly shaded white fur with black coloration, green eyes and a captivating character. They are real pet friends - loving their owners, responding well to small children and house guests.

Fanabella Ars Britannica British Shorthair chinchilla silver shaded female with green eyesTipped cats have always something to tell. We have noticed that when our first silver shaded kitten Ellada came to us from Estonia. Lilly was always eager to talk in “cat style” about her needs, complained when there was something she did not like, or request to play, eat, sleep, hug. She was a real coquette with a strong character in a small compact body. She started our great unconditional love to silver shaded cats.

Magnus - stud in Ars Britannica. British Shorthair chinchilla silver shaded male with green eyesTippies love to be close to their owners and almost always look for cuddling and intimacy. Despite that they are not absorbing and do not require constant attention and care.

The other varieties we specialise in are golden shaded in shades of black, blue, choco & lilac and golden & silver colourpoints. Our golden squirells as we call the golden cats, are full of joy and sweetness. They love to cuddle, purr and eat. 

Silver and golden points charm with their huge blue eyes and friendly being nature. Although these varities differ from each other they love their company and live well within our cat-human family.

Wilma Ars Britannica*PL British Shorthair golden point female with blue eyesNevertheless the color variety we concentrate on breeding social and lovely cats. Our females are wonderful caring mothers. They raise and feed their offspring with love, making our kittens grow into beautiful cats with wonderful, charming characters. Our males are large, calm bears who love sweet doing nothing, dating girls and get a lot of cuddling:)

You will find more information about our cattery everyday life in Blog of British Shorthair Cattery Ars Britannica  and Social Media. Click here to see the detailed information about the present litters: Kittens

Warmest Regards, Anna & Rafael Ferenc


Adventages of our cattery


Quintessa Ars Britannica*PL British Shorthair Silver Point female with blue eyesKittens and cats are under the professional veterinary care of OCHwet Veterynary Clinic in Warsaw.

All cats in our cattery have their blood type tested in order to avoid serological conflicts in kittens.

Our cattery is free of PKD - all breeding cats have been genetically tested for the presence of PKD - Polycystic Kidney Disease) and do not carry genetic kidney disease. We cooperate with following genetics laboratories: Zoogen St.Petersburg Rosja, Neogen USA, Orivet Genetic Pet Care, Australia. 

Cattery Ars Britannica*PL is tested clear for PKD - Polycystic Kidney Disease



Champion Zara Ars Britannica*PL British Shorthair Silver Shaded Chinchilla female with emerald eyesOur cats are regularly dewormed and vaccinated. All breeding cats are undergoing the routine of veterinary check while vaccination of new born litters.

All our breeding cats are regularly tested for FIV [feline immunodeficiency virus] and FELV [feline leukemia] and all are negative.

Each kitten leaves the cattery micro chipped and registered with SAFE – ANIMAL system. 



Grand International Champion FIFE Isabelle Mazuria in cattery Ars BritannicaOur cats and kittens are a big part of our everyday life. Therefore are very social and easily adapt to their new homes.

Our kittens receive a FIFE pedigree, health book, rich layettes, an inctroduction film and a photographic documentation of their growth during their stay in our kennel available on our website. We provide you with advice at each stage of their development and are happy to receive films and picture of our cats in their new loving home. 



Jadwiga's Gemma British Shorthair Silver Shaded Chinchilla Female in Ars BritannicaThe parents of our kittens come from outstanding European bloodlines in Scotland, Russia, Germany, Netherlands, Estonia, Moldova, Austria, Switzerland and many more.
They were selected not only because of their exceptional beauty and compatibility with standard breed, but also due to great personalities, good health and long-range genetic relatedness,  so that our kittens were born beautiful and free from diseases arising as a result of too close inbreeding.

Our cats take regular part in exhibitions and are subject to FIFE judges verification. This allows us to breed kittens according to the race description standard.

Our cattery has been working with several European and Polish catteries. We exchange experiences and breed beautiful kittens with wonderful characters.


Wilma golden point British Shorthair female in Ars BritannicaBreeding cats is our passion and challenge. We commit a part of our life to cats. We are working on creating a wonderful feline psyche, stunning look and reliable health. Therefore, the sale of kittens favors people who visit our cattery in person.

Buying a cat is a decision for several years. We want you to have the opportunity to familiarize you with the pet personally and verify if the kitten match your temperament.




Corridor full of diplomas for participation in FIFE Cat Shows for Ars Britannica CatteryOut of concern for the development of the cattery and to ensure the proper welfare of our cats, we regularly participate in trainings and webinars. We deepen our knowledge in the field of veterinary medicine, genetics, behaviorism, dietetics and proper care of cats. We provide you with advice and support on a daily basis.






Rossettes for participations and success in FIFE Shows for Ars Britannica

For 13 years we have been regularly participating in international FIFE cat shows. Our cats are subjected to a judging assessment and compliance with the British cat standard in the colors we breed. Cats gain certificates, titles and show honors. Exhibitions are a great opportunity to contact cat enthusiasts and other breeders, take advantage of the knowledge and experience of phenological judges and show our cats live to visitors.





British Silver Chinchilla kitten Ars BritannicaWe have positively passed the verification and we are a certified FIFE breeder since 2010. We belong to Felis Polonia and No Problem Club. We are also members of the prestigious British Cat Club - Bri Cat Club and Royal Canin Cat Breeds Club.

As one of the first catteries of purebred cats, we have passed the positive verification of the County Veterinary Inspectorate in terms of animal welfare and breeding in accordance with European Union standards. From August 24, 2021, Ars Britannica is officially entered in the register of the County Veterinary Office as an approved kennel. 


Our cattery is a member of few prestigious Racial Cat Clubs like: 

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Ars Britannica Registration Certificate in Felis Polonia

Some of our diplomas:

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Dyplom hodowcy Ars Britannica Dyplom hodowcy Ars Britannica   Dyplom hodowcy Ars Britannica

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